Hot Wheels

Ah, Hot Wheels. We all used to have them as childhood toys, but thanks to evolving technology, we can take them to the next level like no one every imagined! Since the first hot wheels video I produced, I wanted to add a bit of variety to my channel so I wouldn’t be posting just marble videos. Hot Wheels are very similar to marbles, as they both require gravity and physics to bring out extremely intense races. As the variety of my Hot Wheels grow on my channel, you can expect lots of competitions that will bring the tension up to all of the viewers! Here’s an example of one of my Hot Wheels Racing Championships!

Also, we can finally go behind the wheel of Hot Wheels cars thanks to cameras that can easily fit on the car’s frame! I used a GoPro Hero Session. All you have to do is strap the camera on an empty car frame, build a track, and voila! You can get behind the wheel of a stunt driver without risking injury! Here’s an example on how this concept is done.