How it All Started

How did my marble runs start?

My marble runs are one of the most successful series I’ve ever made on this channel. All the marble races are very creative today, but when they first started, they were very simple marble runs.

Marble Run videos

My series first started as a video showing off one of my marble runs in my now-discontinued Marble run series. In this series, i would be showing some of my marble runs in different angles. The series was produced from 2011-2013.

Getting Interested in Marble Runs

After being very interested in making my Marble Run 1 better, i decided to make a simple Marble Race in which viewers would choose a colour and then I would drop them down the track and whoever lands first inside wins. Ever since my first marble race, I wanted to make them bigger and bigger.

Where the creativity really begins

Starting in my 10th installment in the series, my marble run has gone bigger because they now had 2 paths! In the middle of the run, a track divider would split the track in two for a more intense marble race. Later on, I started adding slo-mo replays in some of the amazing stunts my marble race has to offer. At the time, the slo-mo was laggy, but today, they are pretty smooth.

Discontinuing my Marble Run Series

Due to very low attendance and various other reasons, I decided to discontinue my Marble Run series and continue on with just marble races. The last installment was published on Dec. 10, 2013. But don’t worry, its out with the old and in with the new! Because of the extreme success of my Marble run Closeups video, I will be making a new series of Marble Run Closeups! So stay tuned!

My “Quick Marble Race” series

Staring after marble race 15, I made a new series called “Quick Marble Race.” Because my marble races would get longer and longer, I decided to post a few marble races with the same length as my first marble race. They won’t be posted as much as regular marble races, but there still coming! So stay tuned!

The birth of my “Marble Race Tournaments”

One day when I was really lazy, I decided to make a simple video in where the marbles participate in a single-elimination tournament. To make the races fair, only one track was used in my marble run until the semifinals. Then I would be using the track divider to put each marble in a different track. Once I finished my tournament and posted it on YouTube, it got an average 5,000 views in 48 hours. Because of the extreme success, I was influenced to make more Marble race tournaments in the coming years. Stay tuned for more tournaments!

Being even more creative

Starting in my most recent season (Season 5) I wanted to add music to my marble races and add themes so that it wouldn’t be as boring as they used to. When Christmas arrives, I will be posing a themed Marble Race on Christmas. One of my marble races is based on going down the stairs! As more marble races came out, I introduced new sets to keep the races intense, including the Galt Pinball Racer, and the Marbleworks series by Discovery Toys. Here’s one of my more recent marble races using the Marbleworks set.

Adding Hot Wheels to the action

With the success of my Hot Wheels Racing Championships, I decided to add Hot Wheels to the races for an even greater variety of videos on my channel. I enjoy bringing many different types of cars down the 6 lane raceway and see which one is the fastest. Here is one of my Hot Wheels Championships in action!

Well, that pretty much sums it up! Keep watching my channel for more amazing marble races!