Marble Run Sets

A lot of viewers have been asking me what are the marble run sets that I use to create my marble run videos so I decided to add this page here. Here are the marble run sets that I bought along with some comments. Not all marble run sets are the same and unfortunately, they also come in different tunnel/hole sizes, so not all marbles will work with all sets.

MarbleWorks sets by Discovery Toys

This set contains many cool parts, including a Plinko-style track, a zigzag track, a funnel, and many other cool parts. It is not compatible with other brands, but it can be used as a standalone set. There are many sets from this series that are perfect for anyone, such as the starter set, deluxe set, and add-on accessories. Click here to see the set in action.

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Quercetti Skyrail

This track is perfect if you like to create marble roller coasters. Using a variety of supports, straight and curved track, you can create many kinds of roller coasters anywhere, and the possibilities are endless!

Galt Marble Racer

This is the only Galt Marble Run that was specifically made for Marble racing with the exception of the Galt Pinball Racer. But what is nice about this set is that it is compatible with other Galt Marble runs. Unique to Marble Racer set is a starting platform and a podium finish making it ideal for marble races. This set also includes three funnels, two paddle wheels and a bell to make the race more exciting. It is a great addition to anyone who likes building marble runs and having marble races. Watch me doing an unboxing video of the set. I also uploaded my first marble race using using the set and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Click here to see the race in action.

Galt Mega marble run

This Marble set had a lot of fun pieces, including a marble vortex, a twirl track, and paddles. It is very entertaining and is one of the only marble sets that are compatible with real marbles.

Marbulous marble run

This marble run has a marble vortex, paddle wheels, a bell, and tons of straights and curved tracks. This marble run is compatible with the galt mega marble run.

Imaginarium deluxe marble race

This marble run has lots of stunts, including a loop, paddle wheels, and paddles the marbles hit on the way down. This set is not compatible with real marbles.

MindWare Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Mega Stunt Set

This marble run has a trampoline, coaster tubes, and a marble vortex. This marble set is only compatible with the marbles it provides you.