GraviTrax Sets

Gravitrax Starter Set: If you’re new to GraviTrax, this set has just what you need to start creating epic stunts! This set includes a variety of curves, free-falls, junctions and a magnetic cannon!

Trax Expansion: Looking to add more height or distance to your run? This set has you covered. With added vertical tiles, tracks and curves, you’ll be able to create longer and bigger tracks with this expansion kit!

Building Expansion: If you want to add additional free falls and layers to your track, this expansion kit is for you! Intensify the race with the vortex accessory, or switch it up with the added junctions! Or use the added splash accessory to put two marbles in a head-to-head duel!

GraviTrax Magnetic Cannon: The cannon is your best friend when it comes to speed! Use this accessory to make your tracks longer, or as an added hazard to your tracks!

GraviTrax Hammer: Use the hammer as an added boost to your tracks! As the marble hits the hammer, it propels it at supersonic speeds to help complete the course! Some assembly required.

GraviTrax Loop: Want some upside-down action to your runs? The loop has you covered. Experiment with how much speed is required for the marble to complete the loop. Can you loop the loop without the cannon or hammer?